Tooltos 20V 2A Jewelry Gold Plating Machine

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Features: The plating machine has high efficiency with silicon controlled rectifier automatic voltage stabilization, current stabilization, over-voltage, over-current protection and under-voltage phase-loss protection, small size, light weight, adjustable voltage.
Product use: After many larger-scale requirements of the plating professional manufacturers of the use of the response is very good for a variety of plating (copper, nickel, chrome, gold, silver, electrophoresis, etc.) have obvious results on the film uniformity, especially for the performance of irregular workpieces is more significant (can be less plating time) for the surface treatment of today's ideal electroplating machine!

Technical Parameters

Voltage: 110V/220V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Maximum adjustable voltage: 20V
Maximum adjustable current: 2.0A
Weight: about 2.1Kg

Package Includes

1*15V2A plating machine
1*Titanium mesh
1*Alligator clip

Note: This order does not include a beaker

1. Platinum plating method
Positive (+): titanium mesh
Negative (-): clip jewelry
Voltage: 3-4 volts
Temperature: 30-40℃
The electroplated items need to be shaken at the beginning, the recommended gold plating time: 90-120 seconds
2. Gold plating method (14K.18K.24K)
Temperature: 70℃-80℃
The electroplated items need to be shaken, and the recommended gold plating time is: 20-50 seconds
Accessories for electroplating: beaker, titanium mesh, gold plating machine, water line, electric furnace, thermometer
3. Silver plating method
Positive (+): titanium mesh
Negative (-): clip jewelry
1: Follow the electrolytic cleaning salt procedure to clean first
2: After electrolysis, 3 beaker cleanings are required
3: 54 grams of silver salt 54% 500cc distilled water
Temperature: 40℃,Voltage: 3V,
The electroplated items need to be shaken, the recommended electroplating time: 3-5 seconds
Note: All silver salt, electrolytic cleaning salt, and beaker cleaning must use pure distilled water.
Additional information
1. Polish the light with a cloth wheel and a sander.
2. Then use ultrasonic cleaning machine to add wax water (heating) to clean
3. Polish with a polishing machine
4. Clean with a steam cleaner
5. Finally completed by electrolysis and electroplating procedures

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Tooltos 20V 2A Jewelry Gold Plating Machine

$69.99 $89.99